Custom photography is an investment, one that will live through many lifetimes.
It is an investment of time and money for both the client and photographer, 
and I hope that each and every client leaves with an amazing and memorable experience.

My clients invest in professional photography because they appreciate and value
the irreplaceable gift of memories that the experience and the beautiful artwork provides.


I offer the highest of quality heirloom pieces that will eventually be passed down to your children

and then to their children because those are the priceless pieces that will matter most

when some day suddenly becomes today.


You cannot frame and beautifully display a USB of images.

Your Experience Begins Here

Every session stars with a conversation!

First, I receive your inquiry and then we begin your consultation where all the questions are asked,

you can share your vision and what you are looking for in your session.

We will plan every detail together to ensure your session meets your vision and expectations.

The consultation can be via email, phone, video call or if you like, in person, whichever is most convenient for you!

Next, once all the planning is complete we have your session, yay!

You will find all the details and what is included with each session right below.

* Digital files, prints and products are sold separately in addition to your session fee *

After your session comes delivery of your images and for this I do things a bit differently from most.

Many photographers simply send you a gallery or hand over a USB and leave you with it, but I believe receiving your images should be another exciting experience on it's own.


About two weeks from your session and after your images have been perfected behind the scenes,

we will schedule your image reveal and ordering appointment. This will be via zoom or skype,

whichever works best for you so you can view your images together as a family right from the comfort of your own home.

I will have prepared a beautiful slideshow set to music which is what we will begin with.


The way I have structured the selection and purchase of your images is different

than I have in the past or what is most commonly seen but I do it this way so that you have the ability

to see your final images before making a purchase leaving you with full control over your choices giving you

exactly what you want and love and nothing you don't.

All print products and collections with the exception of individual gift prints and enlargements include the corresponding

digital files or full gallery of digital images, or you have the option of digital collections only.​

Payment plans are available making it easier to give you all that you want from your session.

Let's connect to discuss your perfect experience!


Your maternity session has a session fee of $200 and includes your consultation, client access to my styling board,

up to 1 hour of shooting time with your immediate family and your image reveal and ordering appointment.

* Digital files, prints and products sold separately

Your newborn session has a session fee of $250 and includes your consultation, client access to my styling board,

up to 3 hours of shooting time with your immediate family in my Coaldale home studio and your image reveal and ordering appointment.

Your session also includes a complimentary gift registry so that loved ones can contribute towards your session.

Save $50 when you book both Maternity and Newborn together.

Newborn Client Gift Registry

Newborn Safety - A must read when choosing a newborn photographer!


* Digital files, prints and products sold separately

Your family session has a session fee of $200 and includes your consultation, client access to my styling board,

up to 1 hour of shooting time with your immediate family up to 8 people and your image reveal and ordering appointment.

Please inquire for larger groups and extended family sessions.


Lethbridge Newborn, Child and Family Photographer
* Digital files, prints and products sold separately
Children 3 months+

Your child's portrait session has a session fee of $200 and includes your consultation, client access to my styling board,

 up to 1 hour of shooting time in my Coaldale home studio or outdoor location and your image reveal and ordering appointment.


Birthday smash and splash session fees begin at $300 and include a basic themed or colored set up of your choice.

First we take a few portraits of your baby in an outfit of your choice before we bring in the cake or smash food

and then we change your baby to a smash outfit if you choose for the smash portion and afterwards we then have a bubble bath

which helps clean up the mess but still have a lot of fun doing it!

* Digital files, prints and products sold separately

Your graduate's session has a session fee of $200 and includes your consultation, client access to my styling board,

up to 1 hour shooting time with your immediate family and your image reveal and ordering session.

If you would like something a bit more customized and different, upgrade is available to A Unique Experience

which has a session fee of $450 ad includes your consultation, up to 2 hours shooting time with your immediate family

and up to 2 hours travel distance for a variety of location stops along the way to really give your graduate the celebration they deserve.

* Digital files, prints and products sold separately
Grow With Me Package

The Grow With Me Package is a great choice for parents to book ahead a number of sessions at a discounted price.

Choose 3 (or more) of the following sessions to create your package:

Maternity, Newborn, Child Sitter, Smash and Splash, Family.

3 Session Package has a session fee of $550

4 Session Package has a session fee of $750

5 Session Package has a session fee of $900

* Digital files, prints and products sold separately
Ready to begin your photography experience?

Say hello!


Thank you so much for reaching out!

I can't wait to see how we can plan the perfect experience for you and your family.

I will get back to you as soon as possible,

usually within 24 hours!

"Melony was so amazing and patient with our newborn.
She is delicate and takes the time required for the most beautiful images." - Candace

All prices are subject to 5%  GST
A non-refundable  session fee is due at time of booking to secure your session date
Prices are subject to change at any time without notice.

Booking now locks in the current pricing
Methods of payment are cash, e-transfer or credit card
Pricing is non-negotiable.

Newborn, Child and Family Photographer servicing

the Lethbridge and Southern Alberta area

Please contact me for other locations


Frequently asked questions

How do I book?

I would love to secure your date in my calendar! If you know what session you want to book, simply send me a message and we'll get the ball rolling. If you're not sure, I will walk you through it to help you make the best choice for your family.

How long are your sessions?

Sessions vary in length but typically range from 30 minutes to 3 hours depending on the type of session.

What if my child(ren) don't cooperate?

This is an understandable concern for many parents, especially if they have attempted photo sessions before or are unsure of how their children will behave. As I specialize in child and family photography, I have worked with many many children of all ages and personalities and I can honestly say I can not really pinpoint a specific time I was not able to achieve some great photos of busy chldren. For newborn sessions, your reservation will come with a more in depth guide regarding siblings but with regards to your newborn, every session is entirely dependent on each individual baby and for safety, I will never force a baby into any pose. I have defintely worked with children who were less than thrilled at being involved in a photo session, but as I am also a child care provider and educator, I have a very in depth understanding of how children behave and how their young minds work. Patience is the key! Not being afraid to run with them, get silly, follow their lead. Children aren't built to sit still and smile on command, this is why I simply follow their cues, give them the time that they need to warm up to me and when it comes down to it, we need to let them be themselves. Getting upset with them is never the answer, it will only push them further into whatever form of upset they may be in. I capture great images of children and no, not all of them are perfectly posed but that's also the beauty of these photos, you get to remember your child as they were at that time in their life. Not very often, but I have re-scheduled sesssions due to highly upset children and more often than not it's because the child is feeling unwell and I'm sure you will understand you're not much interested in posing for photos if you're unwell. It's also important to consider things like nap and meal times when scheduling your session time as those can impact how your child behaves. To sum it up, most sessions with young children are child led so that means I allow them to show me who they are and what they want to do, most of the time it works out very well and parents are pleasantly surprised when they receive their images.

What if the weather doesn't cooperate on the day of our session?

As we all know, living in Alberta our weather can be quite challenging and can change at the drop of a hat. Being in the windy city of Lethbridge, we definitely have our share of messy weather. I generally wait until the day of the session, and even more specifically within the hour to decide if the session should be re-scheduled due to weather. I would be an awful person if I didn't allow re-scheduling for this reason and hey I am human and my equipment is expensive, I too may prefer choosing another date if the weather is poor. You're coming to me for an experience and in the end your experince is not just our communication and meeting with me, but your final images as well and the weather can definitely put a damper on how they look. We simply choose another date and time that works for both of us.

What do we wear?

I always advise my clients to dress comfortably and in a way that is "them", just a little more put together. If you are not comfortable in what you're wearing, it can come out in your images and we want you to be completely happy with them and proud to display them in your home. In general, the key is to coordinate rather than match. For newborn sessions, neutrals and soft tones are typically best and parents are welcome to bring a dark colored shirt, especially if you love and want black and white images in your gallery. Trying to avoid large logos and wording as they can be a bit distracting in an image. Play around with tones, textures, adding a pop of color etc but above all, you must be comfortable! Just think of your final images and ask yourself, will I be happy with these outfits now, in 5 years from now and will I put these images on my walls?

How long after our session will we receive our photos?

I ask for 2 weeks but generally in about a week depending on how many sessions I have going at the moment.

Do you offer prints?

Absolutely I do! When you receive your online gallery, it comes complete with an online store where you can order professional prints, canvases, and amazing and unique print products. You will receive a personal print release with your gallery, but keep in mind where you have your images printed matters and I highly recommend printing through myself so that your images come out looking their best. I believe in providing my clients with the best experience possible and a large chunk of that is helping them choose their prints or products and getting their images on their walls. I do not shoot, deliver and walk away leaving you to your own, that's just rude and unprofessional in my opinion.

Your Newborn, Child and Family Photographer

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