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These images warm my heart so much and I was bubbling over with emotion when this happened, still am looking at them hours later. Not a planned session, probably the worst camera settings, no lighting prep, nothing but the tree light and what little daylight was coming through the window. Yet, they are some of my favorite images I have ever taken.

Most of my clients know I run a dayhome as my main work and this boy is one of my kids, the longest in my care - going on 2 years soon. He has autism and is literally the most amazing child I know. He's so smart and funny and he has come so far since I first met him. He loves making silly faces in snap chat but most of the time the photos are quite blurry as he is a non stop mover. I have not been able to get him to sit still or look at my camera.

Today, I was in the studio to take a picture of something with my set up and he was so bubbly and jumping in excitement over the tree and stockings. He jumped in front of my camera with a huge grin and said "take a picture!". So, me thinking is this for real? YES! I didn't have time to play with settings or turn on lights but he gave me a very quick 3-5 minutes with these huge smiles because he was laughing. For someone with autism, he is very good at making eye contact but rarely does for long and even less often for a picture and I am so impressed with how focused he was on me.

I love him so much and he makes me so proud every day, I can't wait to see what he does next. ❤❤❤
















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