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Small things really are the best gifts

Another teeny tiny and absolutely perfect baby girl ❤️ Adorable as they come, sleepy and content but if I touched her hands I was put in my place 😂 Some babies are super touch sensitive and will startle every time, usually with the hands or feet no matter how sleepy they are. In fact, when I simply held her in my lap, her arms and entire body would go limp and I could lift her arms, move her head, but as soon as I touched her hands, I got a stern talking to lol. She was still so perfect in every other way and let us get an amazing variety of images.

Sadly she is my last newborn for the near future with the state we are currently in and the Covid-19 virus. I hope it ends quickly and we can get back to normal.

- Melony,

Your newborn, child and family photographer


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