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Safety First!

When baby isn't having it for froggie pose, we compromise and simplify it ❤️

I may have reduced the grouchy forehead juuuust a little in photoshop 🙃😂

I'll be honest, I want certain poses just as much as parents do but some times it's just not going to happen which is why I tell all my newborn clients that my sessions are baby led. I stop attempting a pose after a few minutes if I'm getting too much resistance from baby, or if they indicate something is not comfortable for them and I have ended sessions due to a baby's discomfort. I can't imagine why any parent would insist on forcing something on their baby and I have had this happen and I have had to insist on no and I explain why. No pose no matter how much we want it is worth harming a baby, it's as simple as that.

Also note, grandma still had a hand in this shot with a finger keeping the head from falling to one side. Safety always!

- Melony,

Your newborn, child and family photographer


Your Newborn, Child and Family Photographer

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