Picture Perfectly Un-perfect

Moms, we know you work really hard to plan outfits for the family for your photos and you hope to keep the kids clean just long enough to get through it. The story later told is never about the process before, but the during and how adamant their child was about what THEY wanted to wear so that's what happened 😂. Then, when all is said and done you're just happy your child smiled for some of it. How many of you are nodding your heads in agreement right now?

Mom, dad and even grandma and grandpa never look back on their photos when their kids were young and think how good they were at styling everyone, they remember how much fun their child had and what their personality was like at that time and smile at how it comes back through the photos years later.

The outfits are a very small piece of your family photos, it's the memories made that are held on to, that's what it's all about.❤️


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