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Safety with children

This is such a heart breaking story 💔 Warning, this is very sensitive.

I saw this shared in a photography group so I went to her page and have been going through that for a while. It was shared in a photography group not because it's photography related but to warn not to risk anything for a shot and one thing photographers do often is have mom or dad toss their child in the air. I myself have never asked a parent to actually let go but I have them hold their child up some times.

I just want to say, I will never photograph a child in a manner that is not 100% secure so tossing is off the table for me. This is not something we think can harm a child and it may not be a regular occurrence, but it takes no time for something seemingly harmless to become deadly. No matter how much you want that shot of your child giggling up in the air, it's not worth the risk of an accident no one saw coming.

I will think of this family if I am ever asked by a client to take a shot of their child being tossed in the air and I'll remember this story if I ever do have children of my own, what may seem like harmless fun, all it takes is one split second for your whole world to fall apart. Don't throw your child in the air, you may not be able to catch them.

This is one very strong mom, I don't think I could handle what she has been through the way she handled it ❤


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