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My Inspiration

I follow a lot of different photographers around the globe and love seeing the different ways people photograph, their styles etc.

When I first started photographing newborns, I had watched a live online workshop that was done over 3 days and covered so many areas of the business. I admire that photographer's work so much not only for her talent and style, but also her incredible education. I liked it so much, I purchased that workshop to watch at any time and I do go back to it every now and then.

The photographer's name is Kelly Brown out of Brisbane, Australia and her website is Little Pieces Photography. She also has another one called Newborn Posing where she shares and sells courses, tips, tutorials, editing tools, business and marketing tools and above all, she centers her work around newborn safety and that's where I have learned much of what I know now.

If Kelly does a facebook live or another online workshop, I watch if I am able to because I always pick up new tips and quality information from her each time.

Another amazing newborn photographer I admire is Stephanie Cotta out of St.Louis Missouri, her website is Stephanie Cotta Photography and she too an amazing educator and hosts mentoring workshops to teach newborn photography and everything that goes with it. She's also as busy with babies as I aim to be!

Newborn photography is not like other types of photography and there is so much you need to know about not only the photography side of it but the safety and proper handling of a newborn baby. Much more goes into it than just having a nice camera and snapping some pictures.

If I ever have the money, I would definitely purchase more of these courses because the information in them is well worth it.

I also admire one out of Phoenix, Arizona, and her name is Shannon Burke, her website is Shannon Burke Photography and I just love the work she produces out of her small home studio as I also have a small home studio. Just goes to show the size of the space isn't the most important factor, it's what you do with it!

Another one I admire is someone I found through her facebook group for photographers and she teaches how to be a profitable business with this group. She also teaches newborn safety (see the trend?). Her name is Cassie Clayshulte out of Bluffton, South Carolina and her page is Cassie Clayshulte Photography. Through her group I have learned about cost of doing business, and operating a profitable, legitimate business and charging my worth.

Now I do actually admire and follow local photographers too! These above are people I have come across and admire for not only their work but the education, training and knowledge they have and share because that's so important. There are many photographers that think all it takes to be one is a camera and computer to edit.

Some local photographers I do admire for their newborn work are La Di Da Lane, and Greenway Photography.

Others are Shannon Pratt Photography out of Lethbridge, Lorelei Hoffarth Photography out of Picture Butte and not for newborn work but everything else. Back when I was going to get married, Shannon is the first photographer I contacted about weddings but she was booked up.

It's great to have so many amazing professionals to look up to and it's even better to have many that are not only great at what they do but that actually know what they are doing and are so willing to share their knowledge and training so that others can do this job not only well, but properly!

Aim for the stars they say, to me when it comes to newborn photography, these ladies are just a few of my stars ❤️

Who or what is your inspiration?




















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