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"Mom, I got you. Baby, I got you"

So I'm not completely finished these sessions just yet, but would really like to share this one image as these two women are the epitome of why I do boudoir photography. Mother and daughter, both incredibly strong willed, and fighters to the core. Their stories are incredible and to look at them now as well as working with them, seeing their smiles, hearing their laughs and watching them be silly with each other, unless you knew what they've gone through, you would not believe they're both cancer fighters and survivors. They're not letting their rough road determine how they live and enjoy life. Kayle is a young, beautiful mom of a sweet little girl and can you believe Laurie is a grandma? I was shocked myself! I don't even know them personally very well but I know they have one amazing family and support system. They're so strong, have been through hell and back countless times and still continue to do whatever they have to do to push forward. They were both a little unsure of doing a boudoir session at first, mama had to convince daughter but they're both so glad they did it as am I! They have scars they would rather do without but those are the roadmap of their journey to where they are today and if there ever is a reason to do a session like this, they have it. Insecurities scream loud, women are not easy on themselves and my goal with these sessions is to shut those insecurities up and show women no matter how their body appears, it's all beautiful and they can embrace every bit of it.

Empowerment is an understatement with these two making the decision to do something so important for themselves and I don't mean posing in their lingerie for photos, that's minimal. I mean the mental and emotional struggle they face every day, and every time they look at themselves in the mirror and feel unhappy or wishing things were different and every time they just think anything less than they deserve. They stripped down in more ways than one and the reason why is exactly what this is about. They needed a pick me up, they needed to feel beautiful and loved and that they are more than enough, much more than they may ever think of themselves. They were brave enough to show the parts of themselves that they don't like, become completely vulnerable for the sake of what the experience would give them. Every time they look at their photos, they will smile and they will feel good and maybe even think to themselves, damn I'm hot! 😉 Boudoir photography is not about ladies in their underwear, it's a deep and emotional step for any woman who needs reassurance or the first step in loving herself, every bump, bruise and scar.

This is what tough looks like.

"Mom, I got you" "Baby, I got you"



















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