Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Is it just me or did Christmas come really fast this year? I love this time of year and the time I get to enjoy with my family, I just feel like we just finished cleaning up from last year 😂. I love sitting back and watching my family open their gifts and seeing the reactions, especially mom's when she opens something she either didn't expect to receive or strictly told us not to buy because it was too expensive 😂. I'm going to hear it this year 🙊.

Personally, I feel I could never really repay her for everything she has given and done for me and still does, even as a grown adult. Dad included, I never forget about my dad and all the things he has given me, especially - ME. Mom always says I'm just like my dad and I take that as a compliment! If I didn't have the drive my dad does, I may not have started this business or continue to do it years later. I wasn't blessed with a singing voice although my dayhome kids seem to look at me like I'm something special (everything's special in the eyes of a child so...😂) but I was definitely blessed with an eye and passion for art, a creative mind and a drive to figure things out. You need that in this business!

Nothing beats my mom's turkey dinner and homemade desserts. I do some baking myself, but mom's got the traditional treats I grew up with and no one does it better ❤️

You know, Christmas is like another Thanksgiving but with a tree, decorations and gifts but all in all, what I love so much about it is showing how grateful I am for my parents and that deserves much more than one day. We always say what we're thankful for, but what I feel when sitting around the Christmas tree in my childhood home surrounded by my family is everything that Christmas is really about. I can only hope to raise a family and give my own children some day the kind of Christmas my parents have given us year after year.

What is your favorite part of Christmas? Your favorite memories?

And can we just appreciate how adorable this little sweetpea is waiting for Santa to come? ❤️

- Melony,

Your newborn, child and family photographer


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