Lethbridge City and Baby Trade Show

Something new I am trying this year and I am both nervous and excited to do it, is I applied and have been accepted into the Spring Lethbridge City and Baby Trade Show happening May 2nd. One of the things I need to work on with myself is getting out of comfort zones and trying things that I otherwise might just shy away from. In my business, one of them is getting out in front of people in larger capacities and being more present physically. Anyone who knows me knows I am quite introverted but I hope to change that.

So if you plan on attending the trade show in May, come say hi and help me feel a little less like the alone scaredy cat I feel I will be 😂

Also, if you're not in my VIP group yet, you'll want to join because any and all specials, offers and model calls will now be in the group and through email list only. Facebook is making it more challenging for businesses to utilize pages the ways we once were and are able to now, but more changes are coming and it seems they may be favoring groups so I will be utilizing my group much more going forward.

To join the group, https://www.facebook.com/groups/XposuresByMelony.LimitedEdition/

To join the mailing list, www.xposuresbymelony.ca and enter your email address in the pop up or scroll to the bottom and sign up there

- Melony

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