Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to each and every one of you! I hope you had a wonderful Holiday with family and friends and are ready to take on 2020 like I am. Today isn't just a new year, but also the beginning of a new decade! I don't know why but that's just really exciting.

I'll be honest, I'm not a resolution kind of girl. I set goals (big and small) and work towards what I want and I do this year round. Spur of the moment wishes and ideas are usually just that, momentary. Yes, I absolutely need to change some habits, yes I absolutely need to eat healthier and get my daily exercise in (and I need to stop counting all the running around and lifting I do every day with children 😂) and I need to step it up in many areas of my life both personal and business. What I don't need, is the first day of the new year to decide all that, the first week of the new year to do it and then go back to old ways by the second.

Consistency is the key and that I do plan on, with some strong, caring, supportive and successful people backing me up and making sure I do it!

Don't take the start of a new year as a fresh start necessarily, and believe me I know all about needing a fresh start, but not everything needs or deserves a new start, sometimes what's needed is a boost to either keep going or move down a different path to see the change we want. Don't be afraid to subtract from your life so that you can add to it and I don't mean just adding stuff or filling voids, but adding quality and value to your life.

Try new things, do things differently, set a goal and stick to it, try NOT giving up this year and see where you end up 😄

- Melony

Your newborn, child and family photographer


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