Christmas Fun!

I've been waiting for what seems like forever to share these, they're parent gifts for my dayhome group that went home today. I've been using digital backdrops for a while, these ones I created myself.

First let me say, I was highly skeptical about cooperation but every one of them surprised me! When explaining to a 4 year old that I would be putting them in the "snow" and on the marshmallows, I was asked numerous times how I was going to do it because they're too big 😂. Then she saw the end result and her adorable smile was priceless! Then getting the 2 oldest to keep the secret, I believe we were good lol.

I had to plan it so I asked parents to bring the kids in Pj's that day and Christmas ones were ideal and I had to tell them the same thing my mom tells me, it's Christmas time no questions allowed 😂.

I know my skill level with photoshop but I even surprised myself with these ones and it's opened a whole new door of possibilities ya'll 😂

Parents, if you have a photographer in your life and they're being secretive about something, just assume it's photo related lol.

- Melony

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