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Being a newborn photographer is a gift

The expression may be peaceful and a tad bit cheeky because seconds earlier he was absolutely yelling at me, I would yell too if someone kept moving me around while I was trying to sleep 😂

I really have the best job anyone could ever ask for ❤️ Life is amazing isn't it? We have so many blessings, even among the struggles and nothing brings out the feeling of love like a brand new baby. I can see why my clients often say they rarely nap or rest while their baby is sleeping, mostly because most have toddlers or older children 😂 but because all they want to do is stare at their new baby and take it all in. Although it's not the same, I too am just amazed at these beautiful tiny miracles and can stare at them all day.

When I'm working with a newborn, I am very focused on the task because I really need to be paying attention, but I do join in with new moms and dads, aunties and grandmas who are present at the session when they sit back and just watch and say this is so cool because it really is ❤️

- Melony,

Your newborn, child and family photographer


Your Newborn, Child and Family Photographer

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