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Newborn Safety Behind The Scenes!

Updated: 7 days ago

I'm very rarely in front of the lens but I don't mind when families take some snapshots during their session. I get so focused and don't really know it's happening but I welcome them, it allows me to see a little of what's going on from their perspective.

We did attempt the froggie pose which is one of the more advanced poses and is done as a composite, if being done safety. Baby boy wasn't having his hands and arms placed where they needed to be for it to be safely done so we discontinued. Grandma was nearby to step in to have hands on at all times but sometimes that's just how it goes, baby decides what he or she is and isn't okay with and we have to accept it 🤷🏼‍♀️

he was basically 'do what you want but don't touch my hands' in pretty much every pose 😂

We still achieved some pretty adorable images though and another family has seen why newborn sessions take so much time and patience and exactly how some of those sweet and easy looking but are more complex than you think poses are done.

Something as simple as explaining why I used 4 wraps on him for the potato sack pose when grandma asked. He's a tiny one and the wrapping isn't done just to make a shape but to properly secure the body and limbs inside the wrap. They're not tight enough to harm the baby but are snug enough to keep everything secure and comfortable without putting pressure on nerves, baby getting scrunched up in the pose etc. Babies will let us know when they are uncomfortable but we also need to know how to execute these poses properly so we don't cause any harm or damage the baby may not tell us about right away.

Newborn photography isn't something you just decide to do and start doing, there is so much more to it and I do my best to educate people why choosing a trained and experienced photographer for their newborn session is so much more important than a cheap price and it's not a matter of just picking one.

Little tidbit about me, I always do these sessions in bare feet to prevent slipping 😊 and always have my neck strap on when over baby or nearby just in case.

and how proud and happy does grandma look? 🥰

- Melony,

Your newborn,child and family photographer

Your Newborn, Child and Family Photographer

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