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Baby Toes

Happy Sunday!

I used to consider Sundays my lazy day but it never really happens. Maybe in part, but I'm always doing something for this business whether it's sessions, editing sessions or content writing/planning/creating/website and so on.

As those of you that are self employed know, running a business really has no days off does it? When you love what you do, it doesn't really feel like work and I absolutely love being a photographer so I don't call it work.

Today, I'm editing, content writing and scheduling posts (I love that feature!) and planning my next newborn session but I am doing it from under my warm duvet 😁 No one said I had to be chilly while I work 😂

What is it about baby feet and toes that makes them so adorable and adult feet are just icky 😂

Have a wonderful day wherever you are, doing whatever you're doing ❤️

- Melony,

Your newborn, child and family photographer


Your Newborn, Child and Family Photographer

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