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I love making my clients happy and it makes me feel like what I'm doing is really worth something to them.

It's even better when I'm out somewhere and run into someone I know who is either a past or current client or just follows my work and they bring up specific images I've shared that they just loved. This is one of them that I hear about often and I do get asked how I managed to get 6 kids to lay there looking at the camera. My answer? Very quickly and photoshop takes care of the rest 😂.

No not entirely. First, I ensure I have a good relationship with my clients and put them at ease that I will be successful during their session then I become ridiculously silly and run around A LOT with the kids. I let them know I'm not some scary stranger with an even scarier black camera and I let them take their time. Sometimes the session takes 10-15 minutes to really get going because I recognize the child or children are unsure and need time. I never rush, I show them my camera, I let them touch it, even push the shutter so they can see what it really does.

I get real and I get on their level, I crawl around on the grass, I hide behind and play peek a boo in the trees, jump up and down, make silly faces and do just about everything a child may need to feel secure with me. I then work fast because while I may grab their attention, that is on a time limit for young children and I make a huge deal out of every shot they allow me to get. I give high fives, I let them see behind the camera and make it a big secret only they can see.

THEN, photoshop 😂. Yes, I did have to do quite a few face swaps in this image but it's not the process I go through that parents really care about. I mean, the stuff I do DURING the session they care about but it's the final image they really want and don't always feel like they're going to get, especially if they have a child less than cooperative.

I love the response my work gets and it makes me incredibly proud when I'm told people often share my images even if it's not their own session and that they open up my page or website to show people. Photographers love hearing from their clients that they love their images, but it's something else to know the love goes beyond that where we don't hear or see it. ❤️

- Melony,

Your newborn, child and family photographer

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